Windows 10 UWP - C#: How to check network type (EDGE/3G/LTE), not only cellular vs. WLAN? [closed]

How can I check which type of cellular connection (EDGE/3G/LTE) is used at the moment? I only know how to check if device is on cellular connection or WLAN, but I need specific type of cellular conne
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npm ERR! tarball.destroy is not a function

Hi I’m having issue while installing react-dom module. I’m able install other modules like react express modules, on windows 10. 64 bit machine npm install react-dom npm WARN package.json
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Unexpected Behavior of Toast Notifications for windows 10 desktop applications

I am adding Toast Notifications to my desktop application and experiencing strange behavior of Action Center in Windows 10 Observed Behavior: Toast Notifications does not appear in Action Center aft
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Sending Key Strokes with C# in Win10 outside of app

I am trying to send a simple "CTRL+C" stroke to another window. The idea is to grab text from IE/FF/Chrome/IE/Excel/Word. Anyway, I have tried to use SendKeys.Send() and SendKeys.SendWai
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visual studio 2015 build takes long time

I went from VS 2013 to VS 2015 and when I do a build it takes 90+ seconds or so. Is there anything I can do to speed that up? (VS 2013 took about 10 seconds). Also, What is the cause? I do see it is
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How to send notifications to the Action Center?

I have only found this, which seems not to be related to the Action Center. I guess there is a simple way to send a notification with PowerShell, but I seem incapable to find it.
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SQLite Windows 10 RTM universal app

With the Windows 10 RTM and Visual Studio 2015 RTM SQLite doesn’t work any more. For instance, the tutorial at will not
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WiFi Direct in Windows 10 says “UnsupportedHardware” althought it should be supported

I’ll try to keep it short. I’ve been running in Windows 10 (10130) Microsoft’s WiFi Direct Services example available on GitHub , the C# one in Visual Studio 2015 RC. Now, in their
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