How to Update iOS

Apple releases frequent updates for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. These updates range from small security updates to full-blown revisions of the operating system.
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10 ways to customize the taskbar in Windows 10

We were all excited to get the Start menu back in Windows 10, and we wasted no time in customizing it to the best of our abilities. But what about the poor, neglected taskbar, who never left us in th
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How to recover deleted iCloud files

The iCloud Drive app for iOS is largely straightforward, yet it provides several ways to get certain things done. If you’ve accidentally deleted an important file, but it’s been backed up
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6 Ways to Avoid Crazy Data Charges Abroad

Push notifications, automatic updates and roaming charges can create costly data overages that break the bank. But you can devise ways to minimize the cost.
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How to free up space on your Android phone or tablet

Some Android phones and tablets provide an easy fix: Pop in a microSD card. But what happens if there’s no expansion slot? Are you going to have to buy a whole new device?
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The 7 things to delete first when your iPhone storage is full

To get back space on your phone, it means you’ll need to get rid of some stuff. But don’t worry — if you do it smart, you’ll barely notice what you’ve deleted. Here are seven
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How to request a verified account on Twitter

You can request verification for a personal account, in addition to one belonging to a brand or company. Previously, there was a mysterious process for getting verified.
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How to organise your media and photos in Windows 10

Fortunately, Windows 10 is making it easier to stay on top of things. The basis of the new system remains the same with folders – now called Pictures, Music and Videos – that you’ll be famil
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